Lil’ Ninjas

Toddler Martial Arts Program

Brazilian Jiujitsu for Ages 3 & 4


Kids Duckwalk     Master Dalla     Kids Crunches

Give your kids a head start at life! Martial Arts empowers your children with confidence, focus and discipline. Students get lots of exercise and have tons of fun while learning the basic movements of Brazilian Jiujitsu. Students are taught by qualified professionals who share a deep passion for sharing the Martial Arts with your children.  Your children will learn the most effective self-defense method available in a safe and comfortable environment.

Brazilian Jiujitsu is the most commonly used Martial Art by law enforcement worldwide. It is based on leverage and angles to remain safe and out of danger from potentially larger attackers. It is commonly referred to as “The Gentle Art,” due to its ability to subdue an opponent without the use of punches or kicks. The result is children who are confident and poised to take on whatever this world may throw their way. Channel your toddler’s energy into an activity that is sure to set them up for success!


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