Premier Fight Center will be closed today. If you feel safe to drive we will open for Adults BJJ from 7:15 until 9:00pm. (03/25/2013)


Premier Fight Center follows the Prince William County closing procedures.
Our After School Program will be closed today (05/06/2013).

Keep an eye on updates for Kids, Teens and Adults Classes.


We will be closed on Monday, February 20 (President’s Day). There will be open mat for the adults at 7:15pm.


We’ll be closed on Monday, January 16 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday. There will be open mat for the adults at 7:15pm.


Tonight, January 09, 2012, we will have Belt Promotion for our Kids and Teens classes. See you in class!


We will have a Winter Break for the Kids and Teens Classes from December 26 until December 29. Have fun and enjoy the Holidays!


We will have regular BJJ and Muay Thai classes tonight. ( November 23, 2011)


On Veteran’s Day, Premier Fight Center will be open for our regular adults classes. Morning BJJ from 10:00am until 11:30 am and Open mat from 7:15pm until 9:00pm.


Premier Fight Center has decided to cancel our Muay Thai class on Monday, October 31. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Because of HALLOWEEN, Premier Fight Center has decided to cancel our Kids and Teens classes on Monday, October 31. We will have open mat for the Adults BJJ class. Be safe, have fun and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Starting on Wednesday, October 19, our morning adult BJJ classes will be from 10:00am until 11:30am.



We will be closed on Saturday, July 02 and Monday, July 04. Enjoy the holiday weekend!


There will be no Muay Thai class on Saturday, may 21st. Our Team will be competing in Sterling at the Thai Championship Boxing and our instructors will be there to coach them. Come to support our Team!


Our fighters Gerald Walker, Curtis “Fifty” Johnson and Chris “Bo Vice” Cartwright will be competing in a Muay Thai Event on Saturday, March 19.
Come support your teamates at Capital MMA Loudoun
23520 Overland Drive – Dulles VA 20166 / Doors open at 4:00 PM. $15 at the door.


There will be no BJJ class on Saturday, march 19th. Our students will be competing at US Grappling Submission Only and our instructors will be there to coach them. If you can, be there to support your teamates.


Starting on Monday, February 28, 2011, PREMIER FIGHT CENTER will be giving out 30 DAY FREE TRIAL for our MUAY THAY program for new students only. This is a limited time offer for the FIRST 10 PEOPLE that come to our school, so don’t waste time!


This past weekend, the Premier Fight Center Muay Thai Fight Team tested their skills at the WKA “North American” Championships. Each fighter trained very hard to prepare for this year’s biggest Muay Thai tournament on the east coast. I would like to tell you that what you are about to read is not like your typical “sugar coated” BS story…these are strictly facts.

Sherell Brantley was first up in the 132 division. Sherell clearly dominated his opponent in the clinch for 3 rounds and won in all other ranges of the fight winning clearly by unanimous decision. In his second fight, Sherell showed remarkable heart fighting strong until the last bell losing a close decision. He left everything in the ring including a flying round kick that barely missed his exhausted opponent. Great job Sherell!

Next up was Gregg Gibson in the 189 division. Through the first round we new this was going to be a rough fight for Gregg as his opponent clearly landed illegal low blows and some take downs (Sorry opposing team…this is Muay Thai…not MMA). Gregg picked himself up and continued to land numerous punches and knees throughout all three rounds and even dominated his opponent in the clinch. At the end of the fight, the opposing team would come out the victor by a close (BS) decision. At least the decision was close in the judge’s eyes. Maybe they need to watch the tape and get their eyes checked or learn to judge Muay Thai fights. Gregg fought hard and we had to call the police at the end for being robbed.

Immediately after Gregg’s match, in the next ring over actually, was Moustafa Alsaadi fighting in the 178 division. This was Mo’s first time in the ring and his first opponent was last year’s tournament champion! Mo knew this going in but it did not stop Mo from putting on a dominating performance. Mo stood strong and traded blow for blow with last year’s champion. He even kept him in the clinch for almost and entire round delivering numerous knees and even picked up his opponent to put him in the corner. Mo’s opponent may have landed some fancy kicks but no way won the decision…again, PFC suffered another loss to blind judge’s scorecard. We were told 1-point difference. We couldn’t be told the “difference” when we asked the judge.

Next up, standing at a gigantic 5 feet 1 inch tall was Ghary Ursua in the 125 category. Ghary is an Xtreme Tactics fighter that trains at PFC on Saturday’s. As soon as Ghary stepped in the ring, his opponent under estimated him. Throughout the first round, Ghary landed strikes at will and even dominated his larger opponent in the clinch. Second round Ghary dominated again throwing hard over hand lefts and nicely timed cut kicks. Third round was a battle as his opponent landed strong punches but Ghary continued to move forward even landing a nice spinning back fist. At the end, the judges must have forgotten what happened the first 2 rounds and gave the split decision to the other team. Quick numbers lesson: 2 out of 3 is majority!

The last fighter to step into the ring was Curtis “Fifty” Johnson. If you know Fifty, he came to PFC about a year ago weighing over 220 lbs. He entered the WKA’s in the 165 division. A huge victory in itself! It’s hard to write about this highway robbery but here is a summary of how it went down. Fifty stepped into the ring ready to fight. First bell rang and fifty turned into the “Muhammad Ali” of Muay Thai bouncing around landing fancy combinations and dominated his opponent in the clinch. I do not think he was touched in the first round. Second round, Fifty comes out bouncing again landing nice strikes and dominating the clinch again. Third round was a slower pace but he continue to move forward and trade blows with his beaten opponent. To the judges we go again and the opposing teams hand was raised. I think his opponent was shocked to see he won. I couldn’t take it anymore and had to talk to the judges again. I was told this time that Fifty was hit with more knees.

So at the end of the day, maybe the WKA tournament was not for us. I don’t like excuses and my integrity is not for sale…so videos will be posted and you can be the judge. I am very proud of the team and would like to give special thanks to Mikey, JP, Bo Vice, Cesar and Ryan for their outstanding support keeping our fighters ready and comfortable. If you see them, please congratulate all of them on their performances.

-Joel Orzal


This past weekend, Cedric Poku-Dankwah Jr. and Thomas Lucas competed at the US Grappling in North Carolina.

On his first fight, Thomas was up with a very strong wrestler. After many submissions attempt on a fight that lasted 45 minutes, he finally wins with a triangle.

After 5 minutes break Tom was ready for his second fight against another very strong opponent. This one lasted 30 minutes and Tom submitted his opponent with a Mata-leão (rear naked choke).

Tom lost at the finals, to an opponent that had only fought once.

Cedric lost his first fight for a very prepared opponent.

On his second fight (for 3rd place), he wins with a guillotine.


On Monday, january 31st, Daniel Choi, Enrique Mendoza, Leyla Ellouzi, Christiana Kilday, Luke Dalla Costa, Nicholas Morgan, Derick Dalla Costa and Luke Davis got promoted with a stripe. Dylan Cain and Taylor Cain got their yellow belts. Congratulations to our future black belts, keep working hard!


Congratulations Joel Orzal and Gerald Walker for doing a great job coaching the fighters representing our Muay Thai Team on their first fights. We are very proud of our team and hope the experience of being part of this friendly event brings you many more victories in the future.